What do you do?
Connect with clients. Plan spaces. See the possibilities. Decide on the big picture and execute the details. Build. Reuse and reinvent. Sketch and scribble out, select and delete. Repeat. Saw, hammer and nail. Think about colors. Design desks. Coordinate with contractors. Manage budgets. Remind Nina about budgets.

Show us some credentials: MA in Sustainable Architecture, BA Urban Design. Designed over 75,000 sq feet of office space. Specialize in sustainable, commercial, industrial and interior design.

Bragging Rights: Profiled in New York Times, Remodelista, Business Insider and on his Grandmothers refrigerator. Called “The Start Up Whisperer” by The Observer.





What do you do?
Create concepts. Collaborate. Shape spaces. Design the details. Combine textures, fabrics and color. Translate a 2D brand into a 3D reality. Shoot for the moon and let Brad bring me back to reality. Design offices. Design homes. Design offices that feel like homes. Host dinner parties. Teach yoga. Cook.

Show us some credentials: MA Interior Spatial Design Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Distinction. BA Visual Media and Marketing from American University, Honors. Specialized in creative office design and high end residential design. Designed and managed projects with budgets ranging from 3K to 30M.

Bragging Rights: Cover of Architectural Digest Italy, Winner Best of Year Interior Design Magazine 2013, Completed a Tough Mudder with only minor emotional scarring. 





DIRK PAUSE, Senior Architect
What do you do?
Draw, Draw, Draw. Design details. Iron out the logistics. Cut through the red tape. Manage timelines. Keep the team professional. Deal with the DOB. Adore right angles. Play ice hockey. Speak German. Drink German. Dress German.

Show us some credentials: MA Architecture, Advanced Architectural Design, Bartlette School/ University College London. BA Environmental Design University of Colorado (with honors). Experienced in commercial, institutional and residential Architecture. Ran 75,000 sq foot project, worked on 120,000 sf/ft projects.

Bragging Rights: Designed for Make-it-Right Project, a non-profit endeavor aimed at rebuilding 150 safe, energy-efficient and affordable homes for families from New Orleans hurricane-stricken Lower 9th Ward. 




JANET KIM, Design Assistant

What do you do? Rendering ninja, design developer, object curator, hyper focused and just hyper in general.
Show us some credentials: BFA Interior Design, Parsons. Store Design Intern at Club Monaco.
Bragging Rights: Designed and Managed a Freelance Project during her senior year of school, to furnish and renovate a 2200 sq Ft Penthouse in Flatiron.